HTB Apocalypse 2023 - Janken

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Problem Description

Janken is an easy rated Misc challenge.

As you approach an ancient tomb, you're met with a wise guru who guards its entrance. In order to proceed, he challenges you to a game of Janken, a variation of rock paper scissors with a unique twist. But there's a catch: you must win 100 rounds in a row to pass. Fail to do so, and you'll be denied entry.


Analyzing the decompilation of the binary (janken), we find a loop for the 100 rounds mentioned in the prompt running the following game function.


Here's an excerpt of the pwntools script used to solve the challenge.

io = start()
info(io.recvuntil(b'>> ')) # prompt

rps = ['rock', 'scissors', 'paper']

rps_win = {
    'rock': 'paper',
    'paper': 'scissors',
    'scissors': 'rock',

def wait_for_next_second(epoch_time):
    while int(time.time()) <= epoch_time:

for _i in range(0, 99):
    epoch_time = epoch_time = time.time() # time before asking for prompt
    if epoch_time - int(epoch_time) > 0.8:
    info(io.recvuntil(b'>> ')) # wait for prompt
    time2 = time.time()
    rand_io = process(['./rand', f"{epoch_time}"])
    r = int(rand_io.readline().strip())
    enemy_answer = rps[r % 3]
    answer = rps_win[enemy_answer]

    info(f"Sending result: {answer}")
    time3 = time.time() # time before sending response
    io.sendline(bytes(answer, encoding="utf-8"))
    time4 = time.time() # time after sending response

    print(f"{_i}: Time delta: {epoch_time:.3f}, {time2:.3f}, {(time2 - epoch_time):.3f}, {(time4-time3):3f}")



We have our flag! HTB{r0ck_p4p3R_5tr5tr_l0g1c_buG}